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Kathy Dalton

Voting Member

I am a Colorado native who always had dogs growing up. Our parents taught us at an early age to respect all animals. I graduated with an Associate's Degree from Mesa Junior College and from Colorado State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. In 1979 I joined the United States Air Force, acquired my Masters Degree in Business/ Management, and retired 19 years and 4 months later. I spent several years in Asia in the countries of the Philippines, Korea, and Japan. I was also stationed in Panama where I spent time in all the countries of Central and South America with the exception of Columbia. I always had a dog with me wherever I traveled.

After retiring from the Air Force I became a Professional Association of Diving Instructors Scuba Diving Instructor. A fellow instructor and I bought a small existing scuba business on an island in Belize, Central America. We brought two cats with us and within one year had 10 cats and 4 dogs. The island was overpopulated with mostly unwanted cats, and lots of homeless dogs. We began hosting a Veterinarian from the mainland and within our 12 years there we changed the island perception of animals and set up the roots for the now viable Humane Society. In 2009 we returned to Colorado with 4 dogs and 8 cats, 6 of which still reside with me. The oldest, Scuba is 20 this year. Belize is where I developed my love of cats.

I immediately joined Larimer Humane Society where I volunteered and worked in the clinic for over a year. I linked up with Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals where I assisted in trapping, clinic, recovery, and return of thousands of cats. Wanting to help more with adopting cats and getting them out of the harsh outdoor environment, I started volunteering with FCCRSNC. Their goals were comforting to me and I shared their philosophy. I have fostered, adopted, cleaned, constructed, painted, donated, and helped many kitties find their forever homes during my years at FCCRSNC. I am in awe of this organization!!!

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