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Jack Gremmer

Client Care Manager

Jack Gremmer is excited and proud to be working with FCCRSNC! Jack was born and raised in Wisconsin, where he graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He spent his early career in retail management and analytics but is now fulfilling his lifelong dream of working with animals and the amazing people who care for them. Jack mainly grew to love animals through his warm and kind family and friends. As a child, he met his first cat, Smokey, through his best friend and neighbor's family. In high school, at any social event or party, Jack would do his best to be both clown and animal companion. He was always drawn to people who were kind to animals, and that had a big part in finding his wife and fellow friend to animals, Sara. When Sara earned the opportunity to teach English in Thailand, Jack was so grateful to take part in the adventure. He lived in Asia for a year and a half and will never forget the countless dogs, cats, cows, elephants, chickens, and lizards he shared that time with!

When he's not at work, Jack enjoys relaxing at home with his wife and cats, playing card and computer games, being outside in the sun, and just about anything with animals. He believes in the power of positive thinking and wants to share his good mood with other happy, grateful people. Jack wants to thank the FCCRSNC staff, his family and friends, and his cats, Doodlebug and Bubby for helping him make it here!

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