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Christi Brockway

Grants Administrator

​Christi brought home her first stray dog when she was eight and she’s been involved with animal-focused work ever since. She’s socialized fearful dogs at shelters and rescues in Los Angeles and Fort Collins, run a ballot-initiative campaign for The Humane Society of the United States, and cofounded a prairie wildlife advocacy group. She’s written program and marketing copy for the Hollywood Bowl, award-winning corporate newsletters, and proposals for top donors for local and internationally renowned nonprofits. She first volunteered for FCCRSNC in 2017 with the Kibble Supply Pet Food Pantry program and the development team to edit grant material. She joined the staff as Grant Writer in March 2018, and she’s excited to write in support of our lifesaving programs. Raised on Long Island, she moved to Fort Collins in 2008 to bring native Coloradan wife Ashley home. Their small house bursts with rescued dogs - Gus (terrier mix from a WY reservation), Jasper (pit-dane mix), Newton (Treeing Walker hound mix with severe separation anxiety, on his third and final home), and Carter (shepherd mix who may have inspired Santa’s Little Helper, the family dog on The Simpsons).

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