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Organizing a Supply Drive

Want to coordinate a supply drive to benefit pets in need? Follow the steps below for a successful collection.

Step 1: Decide What to Collect

Check out our wish list to see all the items we currently accept for donation. Choose the items you would like to focus on. Some collect pet food for our Kibble Supply Program. Others focus on paper products, office supplies, and cat litter.

Step 2: Choose a Time and Location

When will your supply drive start? How long would you like the collection to last? A week, a month or just one day? Where can donors drop off donations? The most successful collections occur at businesses that sell wish list items. It is especially helpful if you are there in person asking people to donate. Here are some location suggestions: a grocery, pet supply or agricultural supply store; a veterinarian's office or pet grooming or boarding facility; your school, place of business or place or worship.
*Always ask permission from the manager or school administrator to collect donations.

Step 3: Contact Us.

Once you've picked a location and time-frame for your supply drive, please contact our Donor Relations Administrator at to let us know about your plans. Collections that are open to the public will be advertised on FCCRSNC's social media pages.

Step 4: Advertise Your Supply Drive

The most important part of holding a successful supply drive is getting the word out. Here are some ideas to promote your collection:

Step 5: Collect

You'll need a bin or box and signage. Plastic storage totes work great! Create your own signs or request our printable poster. If you are collecting in person, remember to be friendly, smile and always thank the donors. Take photos to share with us! Some donors may ask to make a monetary gift. We can accept cash donations and checks made out to FCCRSNC.

Step 6: Drop-Off Your Donations

Once you've completed your supply drive, drop off your donations at any of our adoption centers during regular business hours. If you'd like to be featured on our Facebook page, email a photo to or let us take one when you make your drop-off. If you collected with a group, you may request a behind-the-scenes tour when you come to make your drop-off. Tours must be scheduled in advance.

Thank you for collecting to help pets in need!

Please contact our Developtment Team at if you have any questions.

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