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Found a kitten? When you come across outdoor kittens, you may feel the need to immediately pick them up and bring them home with you, but that might not be the best thing for the kittens, or for you! Learn what you SHOULD do if you see a tiny kitten alone outdoors!

Our Community Cat Program was created in May 2014 to address the population of stray and feral cats in Larimer and Weld counties that are in desperate need of our help. FCCRSNC is passionate about curbing these cats' reproduction and ensuring they are in the best environment for a positive outcome. We have both the shelter space and an on-site clinic to support the program. Our staff Community Cat Manager is dedicated to responding to calls for assistance, traveling to sites to perform TNR (trap-neuter-return), and delivering kibble to struggling colony caretakers.

If you know of feral cats that would benefit from this program please contact our Community Cat Program at (970) 658-5181 or complete our online Assistance Request Form to find out if we can help.

Our TNR program has several ongoing equipment and supply needs. To purchase and donate a much-needed item to help community cats, please see our Wish List for Community Cats. Our shelter is now a retailer for Tru Catch Light Duty Animal Traps. Purchase one for your own trapping needs,
or buy one as a gift to our program. They are $70 each and our trap of choice for feline TNR.

Grant-Funded Projects

+ Best Friends Animal Society awarded our Community Cat Program a $1,500 grant to spay or neuter 50 free-roaming or feral cats in the 80631 or 80634 zip codes of Greeley in 2017. If you are feeding or caring for any unsterilized outdoor cats in these areas, please contact us for assistance spaying or neutering them with this grant. Call (970) 658-5181 or complete our online Assistance Request Form.

What is "TNR"?

TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) is the big buzzword in the world of feral cats. Cats from feral colonies are trapped, brought to a clinic, spayed/neutered, given a rabies vaccination, and returned to the site where they were trapped to continue their natural lives.

Adult feral cats are returned outdoors because they do not make good pets, and in areas without TNR programs they are usually euthanized when brought to a shelter. Also, simply removing an animal from the population doesn't accomplish much. Since cats are territorial, each cat in a colony holds an area. If that cat is removed permanently another cat moves in. However, if the cat is brought back to the colony without the ability to breed, the population growth of that colony is slowed. Perform TNR on enough animals in the colony and the population growth nears zero.

Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic actively supports TNR as part of its Community Cat Program. Feral kittens that are too young for spay/neuter enter our foster program and are socialized and prepared for adoption to an indoor home.

Additional Services & Help

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Help by Donating

If you would like to help Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic address the population of feral and community cats cats through trap-neuter-return, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to our Community Cat Program. Your gift will help cover the expenses associated with trapping, altering and vaccinating these often forgotten cats.

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