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Behavior Consultation

You love your pet but don’t always love his or her behavior. Maybe your dog is aggressive toward strangers, or your cat hides under the bed all the time.

You’re not alone. Behavior problems in companion animals often result in damage to the human-animal bond and are a primary reason pets are relinquished to shelters. But Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic can help! Our behaviorist, Cheryl Kolus will come to your home (within a reasonable distance from our shelter) and help you better understand your pet's unwanted behaviors and how best to work toward managing or resolving them.

Some behavior issues Cheryl can help you with include:

Although cats and dogs are the most common pets seen, Cheryl is interested in working with other companion animals, too, such as horses, pocket pets (e.g., guinea pigs, rats, etc.) and birds.

A 90-minute, personalized, in-home introductory consultation is $150.

To get started, complete the appropriate online behavior history forms below and Cheryl will call you to find out any other necessary information and to schedule an appointment. (For other species, please e-mail to inquire.)

Complete the Cat Behavior History Form
Complete the Dog Behavior History Form
Complete the Cat Inappropriate Elimination Behavior History Form*
*If your cat is exhibiting inappropriate elimination (going to the bathroom outside the litter box), complete this form in addition to the Cat Behavior History Form above.

What to Expect

Location: In your home in most cases. If you live more than 20 miles from the Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic, additional time and mileage charges will apply. Alternatively, an online consult (via Skype) may be a possibility for more distant locations.

Scheduling: At this time, consults are scheduled Monday through Thursday in the afternoons, with the latest appointment time at 5 p.m.


Time: 90–120 minutes; 3 months of follow-up emails/phone calls are included for continued help.

History Form: Prior to scheduling your consult, you’ll fill out a behavior history form so that Cheryl can get information on your pet, the problem(s) and the people and environment involved. Cheryl will review the form and call you within 5 business days of your submission to schedule your consult and take payment by credit card. During this phone call, she may also ask further questions or clarify important points.

Medical History: As some behavior problems are due to or affected by an underlying medical condition in your pet, we highly recommend that your pet has had a recent veterinary exam and bloodwork. We also require proof of a current rabies vaccine (either scanned and emailed to us or confirmed by us contacting your veterinarian). For certain problems (such as a cat urinating outside the litterbox) we will REQUIRE a recent veterinary exam that addressed the issue and will ask your permission to obtain medical records from your veterinarian.

Who Should Attend? We recommend that all family members involved with the pet attend the consult, if possible. Small children will likely be bored, though, so it would be best for them to be otherwise engaged.

Initial Consultation Includes:
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