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Special Kneads Club

The Special Kneads Club is a program that aids in the adoption of older cats, cats with chronic but manageable health problems, and cats with disabilities. These kitties are often passed over, but they need love just as much as a rambunctious kitten, if not more!

Why should I adopt a Club member?

There are LOTS of incentives to adopting a member of the Special Kneads Club:

What types of kitties are in the Club?

All types! Many factors can make a cat seem "less adoptable," like age, disabilities or special health or behavioral needs. But when you really get to know these cats, you'll find out how special they really are, and just how much love they have to give when you show them how much you care.

Celebrate these special kitties with us by visiting the shelter and getting to know them. You may just find your new best friend!

Here are some pluses we found to adopting "less adoptable" kitties:

At Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic, there are no "unadoptable" cats – every life is precious, and there is a purrfect human out there to love each one. Our veterinarian and staff are happy to answer any questions you may have about a particular cat's challenges and work with you to find your best match. Visit the Adoption Info page for more details about the process, or start by filling out a questionnaire.

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