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Whiskers 'n Wags Jubilee


What Are They?

This year, Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic's signature "Grand Cat" art pieces will take two forms! Half of the Grand Cats will be two-dimensional wooden forms, similar to last year (left), and the paper-maché statues of years past will make up the other half (right). Each year, a group of talented amateur and professional artists are invited to unleash their creativity and transform the blank cat forms into works of art. These one-of-kind Grand Cats are then sold at the silent auction during our annual gala fundraiser, Whiskers 'n Wags Jubilee.

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The 2019 Grand Cats

by Ann Martinez

Yo, I’m a cat named Vinny, cool, swank and skinny.
I was with Jack and Sally when I got lost in a dark alley.
Things were looking pretty grave, a poor kitty needing a save.
Out of the shadows came a kind hand. That’s when I knew it was going to be grand!
T’was The Nightmare Before...the day I was brought through the Rescue/Clinic’s door.
Well fed and flea-free.

Returning Grand Cat artist Ann is a graphic artist, creative, and cat lover.

by by Ashley & Jon Boothe

Heartstrings represents not only the love that we have for our brown tabby, Zooey, but also the special place in our hearts that all of our cats have held. Broken heartstrings have been mended, and further tightened, through the reciprocal love and comfort of their companionship. Wood, acrylic, metal, cotton and plastic.

Jon and Ashley are ardent Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic supporters, and returning Grand Cat artists. Their beloved cat Zooey has inspired their creativity—in this case, drilling and sanding by Jon, and painting, nailing and string work by Ashley.

“Eleuia, She Who Wishes Joy to Everyone”
by Ashley Waddell

Inspired by Oaxacan artists who create colorful ‘alebrijes,’ painted animal sculptures made of papier-mâché or copal wood, Eleuia brings sunshine and delight to all who gaze upon her. Her name means ‘wish’ in the indigenous central/south Mexican Nahuatl language. Acrylic on papier-mâché.

Ashley grew up in Fort Collins and developed an interest in art while roller skating down the halls of CSU’s art department, where her mom worked. Her travels continue to inform her art. Ashley and her wife are lifelong animal advocates and proud members of Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic’s Legacy of Love Society. They are happily owned by four rescued boy dogs.

“A Trip to the Mountains”
by Aubrey Sweitzer

Inspired by an early morning drive to the mountains.

Aubrey worked for Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic for a year and a half. She’s loved cats even longer.

“Puzzle Me”
by Barb Huff

With the theme this year, I wanted to create a piece for a night IN at the mewvies, so I made Puzzle Me. Intended as a coaster set made to be shared with family and friends, of course it can also be admired in the display stand I made for the event. Acrylic, African padauk wood, and epoxy resin top coat.

Returning Grand Cat artist Barb looks forward to creating a donation every year because she is always surprised where it takes her. This year especially was very fluid and she loved how it evolved. All she can say is: “It’s not fine art; it’s FINALLY art!” (coming April 2019)

by Barbara Haynie

Theme: Going to the Mewvies. Mewvie: Star Trek, Feline Generation. First Science Officer Spock, a Vulcan-Siamese cross feline—logical, pointy-eared, capable of hypnotic mind-melds, this kitty has gone where no man has gone before. His message: ‘Live Long & Prosper.’

Barbara earned a degree in fine art at CSU at age 50. A returning Grand Cat artist, her current focus is on acrylic paintings, which she sells in her greenhouse “gallery” at her garden center.

“Hello Gorgeous”
by Beth-Holly Garretson

Funny Girl with Barbra Streisand is my all-time favorite musical. She is both hilarious and glamorous in this movie.

Painting and teaching art are returning Grand Cat artist Beth-Holly’s passions. She is fortunate to have the opportunity to share her love of color and design. She’s been painting for over 45 years and still finds herself in the state of becoming. Every day is a challenge with something new to learn.

by Bill Keyes

Planets and moons dance around each other in a spinning ballet among the watching stars.

Bill is a writer and artist from Johnstown. A returning Grand Cat artist, he is the author of The Widening Gyre, a steampunk book set in the 19th century that never was.

“Grand Prismatic Cat”
by Carole Hossan

Yellowstone National Park is one of my favorite destinations. Seeing Grand Prismatic Spring was my number-one goal on my first trip to Yellowstone. My first sighting was beyond memorable—a mighty wind and rainstorm appeared out of nowhere, causing we tourists to be pushed by wind gusts along the now-slick wooden boardwalks along the Spring, while being enveloped in steaming mist. What an introduction! We returned the next morning to view the now-calm glorious colors of the Spring, along with various tourist hats along the edge.

Returning Grand Cat artist Carole has created fine art paintings, drawn storyboards for rock videos, and painted transformer cabinets, including one in the parking lot of the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery.

Thank you to our Grand Cat Sponsor,

“Caternet Sauvignon”
by Debbie DeLong

Claw Valley Vineyards in Fort Collins, CO, is proud to debut their new red— Caternet Sauvignon. This savory red, with a light, floral catnip bouquet, is perfect for an evening spent with your favorite feline. Acrylic, alcohol ink, pen & ink, markers.

Debbie owns Hummel House Art, where she teaches repetitive pattern art (Zentangle). When not creating, this returning Grand Cat artist and exhibition sponsor loves spending time with her husband and four cats.

by Deby Brandt

Conundrum is a puzzle. Start on the green spot on the back of her head, and see if you can find the finish line.”

Deby returns again this year as a Grand Cat artist. She loves art and cats.

“Kit and Kabootle”
by Deby Brandt

All dressed up to go to Mewvies Night.

Returning Grand Cat artist Deby still loves art and cats.

by Diana Johnson Wiles

Oscar pays homage to the original Academy Awards statue that dates back to 1928. Glass and plastic beads, gold leaf paint, and found objects.

Diana has been a museum exhibits producer for 30 years, working with more than 25 museums in the U.S. Since 1995, she also has worked as a visual artist, making wall and floor sculptures. Her work has been shown or commissioned for installations in California, Chicago, Colorado, Florida, New York, and Tennessee. A returning Grand Cat artist, Diana currently serves on the board for The Porch Writers’ Collective.

“Captain Jack Feral”
by Hannah Ford

This is Captain Jack Sparrow—in cat form!

Hannah is an animal lover and an aspiring veterinarian.

by Jen Zaiger

Sahasrara, the crown chakra or thousand-petaled lotus, stands for enlightenment and liberation. The inspiration for this piece is challenges met to achieving enlightenment in a world with many materialistic distractions (like the shiny necklace). Materials used to bring Sahasrara to life are acrylic paints and tumbled stones attached with an adhesive: Garnet, gold sandstone, tiger’s eye, malachite, ruby in fuchsite, lapis lazuli, amethyst, carnelian, citrine, mahogany obsidian, and aura quartz.

Fort Collins native Jen is a cat adoption specialist at Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic.

“Esther ‘Cat’ Williams”
by Jo Anne Warner

Esther almost created herself as I used the striking colors and randomness of alcohol inks. Many folks may not remember the movie star Esther Williams, who was known for synchronized swimming in her Hollywood Mewvies. I like to believe that this piece shows her enjoying a timeout from her work, just enjoying the beauty beneath the water she so loved. Alcohol inks and mixed media.

Joining us once again as a Grand Cat artist, Jo Anne’s artwork has primarily been in oils, but she’s now enjoying the challenges of using alcohol inks.

by Judy Jackson

Rhapsody is my canvas for some fun cat quotes that I wanted to share this year. Her face is the face of one of my cats, who is a blessing every day to me and comforts me with lots of purring and love.

Judy’s grandmother was a teacher and an amazing artist. She gave Judy lessons as a child and instilled Judy’s love of painting. When painting and creating, returning Grand Cat artist Judy forgets all problems and life’s stress; such a gift!

“Thackery Binx, from Hocus Pocus
by Katie Olsen

“Good evening, friends. Tonight on All Hallow’s Eve, your world and the magical world collide for but one night: A night filled with a new trick, a little treat, and a bit of hocus pocus.” In the movie Hocus Pocus, Thackery Binx was a 17th century boy who was turned into an immortal black cat by three witches. Since being turned into a cat, Binx goes back to his house every Halloween night to guard his family in case the witches return. Binx was caring, loyal and brave. After the three witches disappear, Binx’s spirit is eventually freed.

Katie is a former employee of Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic and a forever animal advocate, trap-neuter-return volunteer, local real estate agent, and returning Grand Cat artist. She is mom to four rescue cats.

by Kayla Martin

Horanda means timekeeper. It was created using acrylic spray paint, hot glue, and charms collected from various renaissance festivals.

Colorado native Kayla creates art in her free time, when she’s not volunteering at Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic. Her side hustle is graphic design for Boone Art Studio.

by Leigh Piontek

“Mew”sing sits, gazing dreamily out the window. “Is that spot of grass as warm and inviting as it looks? Do the trout in the brook swim near the banks? How many squirrels live in that tree? Is my food bowl empty?” This year’s piece uses a vintage window to frame our little daydreamer. A torch brings out the tortoise-shell caramels and beautiful texture of the wood. Alcohol ink on glass allows for a vibrant-yet-surreal vision of an Indian summer afternoon.

Leigh wears many hats. She is a physical therapist, interior designer, volunteer, and an artist. Returning as a Grand Cat artist, she endeavors to bring her unique vision to create beauty in her surroundings and connect to the people around her.

“Seamore Fish Dreams”
by Lisa Luree

A barn cat named Seamore, not good at his job,
Would dream of bright fishes and cry with a sob:
If only with wings I’d fly from this place,
And find fish lovers with room in their space
For cats who love mice and no rats…
Just fish-dreaming, fish-loving, sea-wishing CATS!”

Lisa is an independent Denver artist and the founder of the art cards, editions & originals (ACEO) movement. Her work, which has been included in numerous galleries and private collections, has been described as “incredibly detailed and magically psychedelic.”

by Lorraine Dunn

A good movie demands popcorn.
A GREAT movie...popcat!

“Whimsical…’nuff said,” says returning Grand Cat artist and cat rescuer Lorraine.

“Galactic Cat”
by M. Kat Kasmarski

Galactic Cat had a mind of her own from the beginning of the project. She requested her favorite space be the focal point—a tree made of stardust, to which she swiped her tail in for grounding. Her eyes twinkle with wisdom—an old soul looking to bring her human endless meditation. Her fur was made from a flip cup pour and her details were crafted from a fine point brush. Acrylic.

Bruja, tea-loving hippie, homeschool mom, plant-based morbid geek, Kat paints healing energy for those seeking enchantment and enlightenment.

“Red Line”
by Mardi Heaberlin

This cat captures that paused state—‘Do I lie back or jump the red line!’

Self-taught returning Grand Cat artist Mardi thanks Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic for the inspiration behind all the Grand Cats she creates.

by Meagan O’Brien

My Grand Cat is inspired by my own fluffy cat.

Meagan has been a Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic employee for nearly two years, and an amateur crafter for her entire life.

“Usher Kitty”
by Molly Rodgers

Usher Kitty, inspired by the 1953 short, Let’s All Go to the Lobby, is here to help you enjoy your night at the Mewvies. Whether you want to grab a treat during intermission or need help finding your seat, Usher Kitty will point you in the right direction. From his prim and proper hat to his cute little bowtie, this kitty is always ready for a great night of cinema.

Molly, a cat adoption specialist at Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic since December 2018, has been an art hobbyist and cat lover her whole life. Creating a Grand Cat this year has been an honor and a pleasure!

“Grand Steampunk Gato”
by Pat Saunders-White

Acrylic ink, acrylic paint and alcohol inks were used to give this cat an antiqued look. Widgets were added as whimsy for a steampunk look. This fashionable art form is a cross of Victorian and futuristic looks.”

Best known for her animal portraits, returning Grand Cat artist Pat creates with multi-mediums to achieve her artistic goals with each project she tackles.

“My Feathered Friend”
by Patti A. Stickler

I’ve lost count of how many cats I’ve painted in my short career of eight years. They all become my ‘fur babies’ until they find their forever homes. I love giving them life through expressive eyes. I also love giving them happiness and joy through my use of color. My favorite artist has always been Laurel Burch, one of our planet’s biggest cat lovers and animal advocates. I hope you feel my love of all creatures big and small in this piece.

A returning Grand Cat artist, Patti creates acrylic/mixed media art, and she loves hearing how her art brings happiness to others.

“Midnite Queen” "
by Robbie Hirschhorn

Robbie is an artist and avid gardener.

by Suzanne Royer

Miss Meowzibeth Taylor appears in her iconic film role Cleocatra—legendary beauty, seductress, and the last queen of the divine cats of Pharaonic Egypt. Reportedly, she was also an accomplished mouser.

Joining us again as a Grand Cat artist, Suzanne is the “manager” of a wonderful multi-cat household, an amateur artist, and a lifelong admirer of the artistry and romance of ancient Egypt.

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