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Whiskers 'n Wags Jubilee


What Are They?

This year, Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic's signature "Grand Cat" art pieces will take two forms! Half of the Grand Cats will be two-dimensional wooden forms, similar to last year (left), and the paper-maché statues of years past will make up the other half (right). Each year, a group of talented amateur and professional artists are invited to unleash their creativity and transform the blank cat forms into works of art. These one-of-kind Grand Cats are then sold at the silent auction during our annual gala fundraiser, Whiskers 'n Wags Jubilee.

+ View the 2013 Grand Cats here.
+ View the 2014 Grand Cats here.
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+ View the 2016 Grand Cats here.
+ View the 2017 Grand Cats here.
+ View the 2018 Grand Cats here.

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