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Whiskers 'n Wags Jubilee


What Are They?

Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic's "Grand Cats" all start out as paper-maché statues as displayed here. Each year, a group of talented amateur and professional artists are invited to unleash their creativity and transform the blank figurines into works of art. These one-of-kind Grand Cats are then sold at the silent auction during our annual gala fundraiser, Whiskers 'n Wags Jubilee.
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The 2017 Grand Cats

"Kitty the Pooh"
by Mandy Lee

Kitty the Pooh is often seen with her paw in her favorite treat: canned fish! She loves it all: tuna, sardines, anchovies ... even lutefisk upon occasion. The hollow pop and briney whiff bring her mewling from her cat tree where she sleeps in the sun all day. Kitty the Pooh is made of paper mache, cardboard, and acrylic paints.

Mandy is a self-described mess maker, creator, paper tearer, printmaker, painter, ponderer, talker, reader, green tea addict, and artist. Most of her work is mixed media portraits.

"La Muerte Kitty"
by Barb Huff

Inspired by the character from "The Book of Life," La Muerte is the Ruler & Queen of the "Land of the Remembered" and is an ancient, immortal goddess of benevolence, kindness, goodness, generosity, purity, forgiveness, mercy, hope, love, passion, light and death.

Barb said, "I am an evolving artist dabbling in multiple media. I enjoy being given a "blank" cat, wait for it to speak to me, and then see what it becomes!"

"The Purrmaid"
by Renee van Ineveld

"The Purrmaid" is a mythical creature, which embodies the artist's two favorite animals: cat and dolphin. "The Purrmaid" prefers lying in the sun on the beach rather than swimming, but like both cats and dolphins, she loves fish! She has metallic fur, and her tail consists of ocean-colored rhinestones and soft feathers.

Renee is a self-taught artist from Fort Collins, Colo. She usually works with 2-D art but enjoys crafting of all sorts.
Designs by Nee

"Catalan, El Phantasma"
by Suzanne Royer

Catalan is a gentlemanly Spanish feline who has dressed up for the part of "The Phantom." His markings are inspired by those of the Iberian lynx, one of the world's rarest wild cats. This mixed media sculpture is made from wood, wire, paper mache, polymer clay, fabric, acrylic paint, jewelry findings, and a feather!

Suzanne is a professional biologist, part-time artist, and full-time nature lover. Suzanne said, "My own cats serve as (mostly) patient models for my feline portraits."

"Bat Cat!"
by Ann Martinez

Swipe! Thump! Whooshh! Meeeooww!
Wanna have SUPER POWERS?
Well ... The fantastic folks at FCCRSNC DO!
So, join their HEROIC DEEDS helping our mysterious furry miracles that make our hearts SOAR!

Ann is a graphic designer, artist and "Supercat" fan!

"Furball Garcia"
by Lorraine Dunn, Colin Dunn, and Brigitte Schmidt

Furball Garcia is the original jam cat. He's totally laid back. With his mussy cashmere goat hair and iconic tie-dyed images, he embraces the community.

This is a collaborative effort between Lorraine and her nephew, Colin, and longtime friend, Brigitte. Lorraine said, "We anticipate many more in the future."

"All Wound Up"
by Stacia Payeur

This cat had a little too much fun with the yarn! Made of entirely recycled material, this Grand Cat is composed of items cats love!

Stacia works mostly in 2D illustration and animation but wanted to break free of her comfort zone to support FCCRSNC!

by Alison Foshee

"Davenport" is a connoisseur of all things Forever Home. He can discern the textural merits of both gravy and glee. He is enraptured by the defining crackle and squeak of a good toy. In his spare time, he sculpts with cardboard and sisal and enjoys the praise of his modernist compositions. But above all, Davenport loves to bask in the warmth of an afternoon sunbeam that perfectly strikes his favorite spot on the sofa.

Known predominantly for her work with staples and office labels, Alison Foshee creates dichotomies between man-made objects and natural forms to reveal the hidden metaphors in the functional origins of everyday materials. In this manner, her work contributes to the canon of re-use art.

"Paw Prince"
by Lorraine Dunn, Colin Dunn, and Brigitte Schmidt

Paw Prince is the prince of glam. So edgy yet cool, he can cut right through to your heart and have you saying, "please" and "thank you" while doing it.

This is a collaborative effort between Lorraine and her nephew, Colin, and longtime friend, Brigitte. Lorraine said, "We anticipate many more in the future."

"Phantom of the Rock Opera"

by Regan Espinoza

"Purrrsila" and Friends
by Judy Jackson

Phantom of the Opurrra was a fun theme this year because of the accent on "purrr." I have always been fascinated by a cat's ability to purr and a dog can't do it! "Purring is smiling out loud!"

Judy said, "I love cats, art, and nature. I love to paint and create art to share with others, and I hope that they will feel the joy that I felt when painting the piece."

"Ziggy Furdust"
by Lorraine Dunn, Colin Dunn, and Brigitte Schmidt

Ziggy Furdust turns on its head what it means to be CAT. Brilliant and creative, he lives to surprise.

This is a collaborative effort between Lorraine and her nephew, Colin, and longtime friend, Brigitte. Lorraine said, "We anticipate many more in the future."

"Saint Francis & the Angel"
by Diana Johnson Wiles

Based on the story of Saint Francis of Assisi and the angel that led him through the ecstasy, inspired by Caravaggio's painting, one of my favorites. Materials: found objects (including unique butter mold as base), tin and glass beads.

Diana was a producer of museum exhibits for 30 years. Working on more than 25 museums around the country, she project managed the building of museums and the design of exhibits and production of educational videos. She has been working as a visual artist for 20 years.

by Deby Brandt

"Puzzler" is very shy and she didn't want to get out of her pajamas, but she did want to go to The Opurrra ...

Deby said, "I just love all kinds of art & cats."

"Tuxedo Cat"
by Barb Haynie

"Tuxedo Cat" is the Feline Phantom of the Opurrra. Every opera house needs a mouser. "Tuxedo Cat" prowls unseen, but dons a bowtie and a rose boutonnière when it's showtime. His favorite performance? The Phantom of the Opurrra, bien, sûr!

Barb has a fine art degree from Colorado State University. She makes junk art sculptures and does acrylic paintings.

"Spirit of Autumn"
by Leonard Mahoney

"Spirit of Autumn" was inspired by the brilliant character and "classic" tabby markings in a rescued kitten named JoJo. Miraculously found by her forever-home owner in an unused family side shed, alone, scared and emaciated, she is now a boldly thriving frisky girl who is unstoppable ... until nap time. Her colors remind one of a bright autumn mountain day hike amid the aspens - her coat of yellows and ocher-oranges become the rich aspen foliage, her white chin and undercoat become the sunlit tree stands and midday clouds, and her alert cerulean-blue eyes become the clear skies of the Colorado high country.

Len Mahoney is a research engineer by training, an amateur artist in practice and cat lover at heart. He's been a frequent contributor to the Grand Cats over the years and a strong FCCRSNC supporter.

by Kylee Muhlhauser

Kylee said, "I work at Poudre Pet and Feed Supply. We have a cat that lives at our south store named Dot. This got me thinking of a way to show tribute to her and her spunkiness ... thus my Grand Cat.

"I have a degree in art and love everything about it. In my spare time, I paint murals, clocks, and anything to make my heart happy."

"Midnight Tango"
by Debbie DeLong

Just like the dance, "Midnight Tango" is elegant, mysterious, romantic, and complex with intricacies and attention to detail. May she bring you much JOY! Created with Pen/Paint and a Touch of Whimsy!

Debbie DeLong is the artist/owner of Hummel House Art, LLC - Art Boutique & Mindfulness Studio. She loves to create Zentangle-inspired art, especially with intricate details. Debbie has been a longtime volunteer and supporter of FCCRSNC.

"Feral #7 - It's a Jungle Out There"
by Mardi Heaberlin

Mardi said, "My feral cat represents my appreciation for FCCRSNC giving all cats a fighting chance!!!"

Made with the original cat form, masking tape, wire, paper mache clay and acrylic paint.

"Zsa Zsa"
by Leigh Piontek

Meet Zsa Zsa, a Prima Donna with an angelic voice. Let this Angel of Music sing for you. She will meowl the Music of the Night, or purr sweet melodies. When you are Wishing your loved one was Somehow Here Again, let her comfort you. All she Asks of You is that you Think of her at the holidays. Let her climb the Christmas tree and be part of the festivities! Zsa Zsa is a Christmas tree topper!

Leigh Piontek is honored to be a returning Grand Cat artist and is currently finishing her Associates Degree in Interior Design at Front Range Community College.

"Camo Cat"
by Crystal Bergerud

This Grand Cat is painted in Army camo. It is a tribute to my little brother currently in the Army. This camo kitty shows her support to all armed services!

Crystal said, "I come from a family of military backgrounds. I love to support our troops. I also love to support cats. So I put them together!"

"Meow Jewels Please"
by Katie Olsen

"Meow Jewels Please" was created using broken vintage costume jewelry. Instead of giving up on the jewelry, it was transformed into something beautiful. Just like the cats that FCCRSNC rescues, these jewels were saved with just a little TLC. Some pieces of jewelry used for this Grand Cat were donated by members of the community in honor of their cat-loving mothers and grandmothers.

Katie is a former FCCRSNC employee turned vintage/antique dealer, forever cat lover and supporter of FCCRSNC. So when given the opportunity to combine cats and vintage for a good cause, she of course said, yes!
The Vintage Kat

"Calic Opera"
by Mandy Brandt

"Calic" is kind of an alley cat.

Mandy said, "I just love cats and have two: one all black and one all white. Their names are Grimm and Live. I love to do watercolor paintings."

by Jane Barber

Please pet me! Pearl is designed to be touched. Please do. If you look very carefully, you'll discover my heart. Pearl is composed of the form, Sculpey clay, and paint. She was hand-sanded for hours to achieve the art deco shape.

Jane said, "I thought a lot about the human-cat bond while creating this piece, wondering what it is that makes us love cats. My own cats are very picky eaters, who shred our furniture and wake me at 3 a.m. to play, and yet I gladly cater to their every whim and will sit for hours petting them just to hear them purr. There is definitely a meditative aspect to our relationship ... petting the soft fur and the sleek form always relaxes me."

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