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Seeking homes for special kitties!

Our FeLV+ cats are ready to meet you!

+ Adopt an FeLV+ kitty for no adoption fee
+ Welcome an FeLV+ cat as a permanent foster

Find love with a Feline Leukemia Virus-positive (FeLV+) cat! We believe that every cat deserves a loving home and we're privileged and proud to be one of only a few shelters in the region that has the resources to adopt out these special felines! FeLV+ cats cannot be housed with cats who are negative for the virus—in homes or in our shelter—so we keep them in our administration office or off-site with our adoption partners.

FeLV will shorten a cat's life, but until the virus becomes active, FeLV+ kitties live happy, playful, and typically healthy lives. Their immune systems are more sensitive than other cats, but they don't require medication or ongoing treatment—only a loving home with a family who will care for them and keep an eye out for medical symptoms. The only other requirement is that they cannot live with cats who are negative for FeLV.

Because we think these kitties are so special and so deserving of love, we want to do everything we can to make sure they find the right families. If you think an FeLV+ cat might be right for your family, we have options to make it feasible for you:

Adopt an FeLV+ kitty for no adoption fee

As part of our Special Kneads Club, all FeLV+ kitties have their adoption fees waived. We will answer all your questions about FeLV and make sure your kitty is a perfect fit for your family. For more information about adoption you can visit our Special Kneads Club page, contact the shelter at (970) 484-8516, or e-mail

Welcome an FeLV+ cat as a permanent foster

If you are concerned about the cost of veterinary care for an FeLV+ kitty, but still want to provide a loving home, consider becoming a permanent foster home. We will provide veterinary care for the life of the cat, but keep in mind that the cat will remain up for adoption while in your care, unless you choose to adopt the kitty yourself. If you are interested in learning more about fostering an FeLV+ kitty, e-mail

FeLV+ cats are loving, playful, cuddly, and charming—all that's missing from their happy ending is you! Please consider saving a life by welcoming an FeLV+ cat into your home.